Production Management

Meticulous quality control throughout the process
Scientific detail management throughout the process

Comprehensive Quality Control

Han's Yueming Laser Group has developed its own quality assurance plan with strict management processes built in.

Material Quality Control:Han's Yueming Laser Group products are made from materials and components that are chosen according to strict quality standards that are in line with international laws and industry regulations. We maintain our own specially developed material identification codes and quality records. This ensures that the quality of products can be measured and traced with ease.

Incoming Quality Inspection (IQC): After the material demand orders have been issued, we perform acceptance inspection on products from the supplier and validate the materials if they are in line with our standards.

Process Inspection (IPQC/PQC): After material acceptance, due to the batch sampling, storage conditions and other reasons, product quality may change. Thus, when products put into production, the first product and batch production process quality standards are required to implement a proper monitoring operation. This allows for a higher rate of qualification and reduces production costs.

Warehousing Inspection (FQC), also known as the final check: After the completion of the previous step "process inspection", products flow offline, that is, packaging and storage. In this process, Han’s Yueming Laser Group has conducted a comprehensive quality inspection and control process, including function, performance, appearance, packaging and so on must be in line with quality requirements. And according to customer demand and the necessary procedures of production control, the company can set up more strict inspection procedures as needed.

Quality Assurance Engineer (QA): The Company’s internal departments will carry out investigations towards customer complaints and enact improvement measures based on findings. We can also implement optimizations in production based on this information.

Quality Complaints Processing Engineer (QE): QEs are responsible for describing product quality to customers and help diagnose common issues. They perform system file control, complaint response, and quality procedure development for the company in order to boost quality assurance and production effectiveness.

Production Process Control

Han's Yueming quality control includes the whole quality control process from batch charging to the storage of finished products.

Manufacturing Equipment and Key Operation Process Control:

1. We implement strict management control to all production equipment, and make preventive maintenance plans which contain daily maintenance and routine maintenance depending on the specific equipment.
2. Periodic inspections are carried out on the fixtures, tools, measuring instruments, etc., and sends them to the National Technical Quality Supervision Bureau for regular calibration to ensure they are in line with quality requirements.
3. The company implements strict control on the key working procedure operators, environment, operating norms, facilities, materials and other things which may impact product quality.

Flexible production control: With respect for the personalization needs of customers, we employ flexible production parameters in order to satisfy the various needs of individual users and optimize their operation.

Unqualified product control: We carry out strict measures when it comes to products which have been deemed unqualified for sale. These products are isolated from standard storage. Once we realize the source of the problem, we can properly dispose the equipment.

Here at Han’s Yueming Laser Group, we have created a comprehensive quality management system that covers all of our operations from research and development all the way to production and customer service. All of the implemented quality control measures are based on these strict quality guidelines so that they can be referenced and put to work.

Han’s Yueming Laser Group has passed ISO9001 Quality Management system certification, the FDA U.S. professional certification of laser safety and other authoritative certifications. All of the company’s laser machines have received international CE certification.

In addition, in order to better service the international customers, Han’s Yueming Laser Group will establish production bases integrated manufacturing, sales and service successively in Brazil, America, Hindi, Vietnam, etc. Currently, various investigations and negotiations are being prepared.

  • Guide Rail Straightness Assembly ---Control Accuracy of ±0.02mm-1000mm
  • The Dual Track Parallel Detection---Reducing the amount of deformation of graphic
  • The Vertical Beam Detection---Improve Graphics frame verticality
  • Laser Tube Aging Control
  • Working Employees
  • Working Employees


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