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Multi-Ply Cutting System, FAST CUT 90

Applicable materials
Clothing, leather, sofa fabric, air bag, carpet, curtain and other textile fabrics

Technical Parameter

Maximum Cutting Height ( After suction and compression) 50/60/80/90 mm
Working area (L*W) 1800x1800/2200x1800 mm
Maximum speed 50-80 m/min
Maximum accelerated speed 5-8 m/s2
Frequency 3600-6000 r/min
Average Power 10-12 kW
Overall dimension(L x W x H) 5000x3140x2546/5000x3540x2546 mm
Weight 3800/4200 kg
Worktable height 800-900 mm
Power supply AC380v/50Hz
Gross power 27/30 kW
Flow Rate 160-200 NL/min
Air Supply Pressure 0.5~0.7 Mpa
Noise level < 73 dB
Supported CAD file formats Cutfile, ISO6983, RS274D, DXF, PLA, PLX, etc.
Operating system Windows
Maximum vacuum negative pressure -22Kpa


Product Feature

1. Using negative pressure system, high productivity
FAST CUT 90 multi-ply cutting system conveys and cuts materials simultaneously without secondary manual positioning which saves the positioning time and labor cost, and improves the productivity by 15%-20%.

2. Intelligent cutting correction system, avoiding the deformation during the cutting.
This smart fast cutting system is equipped with an intelligent correction system which can continuously adjust the cutting path of the cutter head and ensure the cutter keeping vertical at the cutting materials. It ensures the consistency of the upper and lower layers and the symmetry of cutting materials so as to have an ideal cutting quality.

3. Zero clearance cutting system, high material utilization
The negative pressure system, intelligent cutting correction system, and E-CLOSE technology ensure the zero clearance of the material processing which provides a high material utilization and reduces material waste.

4. Smart predict electrical faults
This machine has more than 150 different types of sensors which are used to real-timely monitoring various data including voltage, electric current, etc. It helps monitor the status of the electrical components and can predict electrical faults.

5. Record the production data real-timely, help you modify the production plan
This high speed cutting system has the production information statistics function which can record the production data real-timely. It also can trace back the abnormal condition of equipment during the production process. These functions can help the management personnel make the correct judgement and adjust the production plan in time.

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