In order to provide customers with the best possible laser equipment, Han’s Yueming Laser Group supplies potential buyers with a wide range of research material, technical advice, manufacturing plans, and technology testing. We aim to be our clients go to resource for all things laser! We will not rest until our clients have the exact solution they require for their laser industry needs. Contact us by telephone, instant messaging apps, web page, or post. Our engineers will provide you with highly professional pre-sales consulting and other value-added services in order to satisfy your needs.

1. Do you provide training after purchase? What are the forms of training?
Han’s Yueming Laser Group provides professional training services, and the training forms are: mail, instant messaging guidance, remote guidance, and on-site training service for the most thorough information.

2. What are the contents of the training for customers by the Han’s Yueming Laser Tech Company?
1. The performance, structure, principle, and related processing technology of laser equipment purchased by the customers.
2. Safe operation protection knowledge and precautions of laser equipment.
3. Installation and commissioning, operation, day-to-day maintenance and simple troubleshooting methods.
4. Replacement methods and daily maintenance methods of easily damaged parts (laser tube, focus mirror, mirror, etc.);
5. Use operation software, drive software, related drawing software and debugging processing parameter etc.


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