1. Do we provide free proofing? How about the proofing process?
We provide customers with free proofing services. Customers can send products or materials to the company, and we will test for the most suitable cutting or marking effect from our laser machines. We will provide customers with sample parameters, sample detail graphs, proofing reports, videos and so on. If necessary, we can send samples back to the customer, and shipping charges will be borne by the customer.

2. How is the equipment shipped?
Customers can either cooperate with their own freight forwarders, or choose our company’s freight forwarding to carry goods.

3. How long will delivery take?
Conventional models, such as the CMA universal cutting system series, delivery is generally 7 business days. If during the peak production period, the delivery time may be slightly longer. Other specific system’s delivery dates please consult details from the relevant regional salesman.

1. Do you provide OEM service?

2. Can Yueming customize the machine for customers’ specific application?
It depends on customer’s application. Please consult the sale representative.

3. How long does it take to learn to use the lasers?
If you know how to use graphic design software, you can be up and running in minutes! There is no proprietary software to learn so you can use the programs that you are already familiar with to make the transition into laser engraving as smooth as possible.
It will take a bit of trial and error to learn what speed and power settings to use with different materials, but we include a comprehensive guide with your system that has recommended speed and power settings for various materials with which you will be working.

1. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Open the key switch, no response.
Reason Analysis:
1) No power or phase loss;
2) The air switch is not closed;
3) The emergency switch is pressed.
Handling Method:
1) Restore the power;
2) Close the air switch;
3) Back-out the emergency switch.

2.Breakdown Phenomenon:
Cannot achieve anticipated marking depth
Reason Analysis:
1) The marking object is not on focus surface;
2) The F-θ lens is polluted;
3) Wrong software parameters;
4) Software output exception.
Handling Method:
1) Adjust the focus;
2) Clean F-θ lens;
3) Readjust the parameters;
4) Restart the software.


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