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To see our goals come to fruition as a world leading producer of advanced laser technology, we tirelessly innovate and evolve our production modalities and capabilities. Han’s Yueming Laser Group invests heavily in imported, high-end processing machine tools and testing equipment, including large-scale precision machining units from Hunco (USA), Okuma (Japan), Amada (Japan), Yamazaki (Japan), and Yawei (Taiwan). We also make use of German Wenzei 3D coordinate measurement instruments, Hofmann dynamic balance correction instruments, Renishaw laser instrument and circular tester, laser interferometers, collimators, metallographic microscopes and ultrasonic testers, infrared analyzers and other high-end testing instruments. We pour our hard-earned dollars back into the business to ensure clients receive high quality products completely free from defect. We know 100% client satisfaction yields long term customer relationships and that is what we want, to become a team with our clients!

Han's Yueming Laser Group has developed its own quality assurance plan with strict management processes built in.

Material Quality Control:Han's Yueming Laser Group products are made from materials and components that are chosen according to strict quality standards that are in line with international laws and industry regulations. We maintain our own specially developed material identification codes and quality records. This ensures that the quality of products can be measured and traced with ease.

Incoming Quality Inspection (IQC): After the material demand orders have been issued, we perform acceptance inspection on products from the supplier and validate the materials if they are in line with our standards.

Process Inspection (IPQC/PQC): After material acceptance, due to the batch sampling, storage conditions and other reasons, product quality may change. Thus, when products put into production, the first product and batch production process quality standards are required to implement a proper monitoring operation. This allows for a higher rate of qualification and reduces production costs.

Over 18 years of development and innovation in the laser industry have led to the rapid growth of Han’s Yueming Laser Group. We utilize knowledge and technology from around the world to continuously develop and produce new and exciting products. Our company operates 3 production bases outfitted with more than 100 sets of precision machining equipment run by our over 500 high quality staff members.

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Headquarters: No. 28 East Industrial Road, Songshan Lake, High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China