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1. Breakdown Maintenance of Laser Marking Machine

1. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Open the key switch, no response.
Reason Analysis:
1) No power or phase loss;
2) The air switch is not closed;
3) The emergency switch is pressed.
Handling Method:
1) Restore the power;
2) Close the air switch;
3) Back-out the emergency switch.

2.Breakdown Phenomenon:
Cannot achieve anticipated marking depth
Reason Analysis:
1) The marking object is not on focus surface;
2) The F-θ lens is polluted;
3) Wrong software parameters;
4) Software output exception.
Handling Method:
1) Adjust the focus;
2) Clean F-θ lens;
3) Readjust the parameters;
4) Restart the software.

3. Breakdown Phenomenon:
When open software, it pops up “Unable to find a control card,……”
Reason Analysis:
1) No power in control;
2) The USB cable is loose;
3) The card driver is not installed;
4) The USB control card damage.
Handling Method:
1) Check if the key switch is open and switching power supply is no-output;
2) Check the USB cable;
3) Reinstall the card driver;
4) Replace the control card.

4. Breakdown Phenomenon:
No laser output
Reason Analysis:
1) Check the software setting is normal or not;
2) Check the power key is open or not;
3) Check the red light on USB control card is flashing or not;
4) Internal error of laser power supply or laser device.
Handling Method:
1) Check the software settings;
2) Open the power key;
3) Check the USB control card connection is firm or not;
4) Please contact with our technical staffs.

5.Breakdown Phenomenon:
Graphic or text marking distortion
Reason analysis:
1) No correction of software, or loss of data;
2) Wrong power supply of galvanometer power;
3) Signal interference;
4) The control card has problems;
5) The galvanometer fault.
Handling Method:
1) Adjust the parameters;
2) Adjust or replace the switching power supply voltage;
3) Check if the ground connection is reliable or not, signal line is poor contact or not;
4) Replace the control card;
5) Replace the galvanometer.

2. Breakdown Maintenance of Laser Cutting Machine

1. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Continually light emitting after power-on
Reason analysis:
If parameter of the controller laser device are correct
Handling Method:
Correct parameters of the controller laser device

2. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Alarm given after power-on
Reason analysis:
If parameters of the controller are correct
Machine alarm signal is triggered
Handling Method:
Correct parameters of the controller
Check alarm signal source of the machine

3. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Laser pause during working
Reason analysis:
1) Check if water circulation is smooth
2) If power voltage is stable
Handling Method:
1) Clean water tank, dredge water hose
2) Install a stabilizer to input power supply

4. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Wrong figure size
Reason analysis:
1) User adopts PLT output in CoreIDraw software. In HGPL dialogue box, if unit of plotter in page option is set correct
2) PLT plotter unit out from CoreIDraw software should match with resolution of SmartCarve software lead-in PLT option
3) If resolution of the controller parameters are correct
Handling Method:
1) User adopts PLT output in CoreIDraw software. In HGPL dialogue box, if zooming in page option is 100%
2) Change to 100%
3) Set to the correct resolution or equivalent

5. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Reverse direction of motor shaft movement
Reason analysis:
1) If setting of controller motor movement parameters are wrong
2) If lines from the drive to the motor are connected improperly
Handling Method:
1) Set to proper motor parameters
2) Check electric earthing

6. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Fail in movement of motor shaft or twittering of it during movement
Reason analysis:
1) Improper setting of motor parameters cause missing step to the motor
2) Damaged drive or motor
3) Motor line broken or poor contact
Handling Method:
1) Set to the correct movement parameters
2) Change the drive or motor
3) Reconnect the motor and drive line


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