1. Do you provide training after purchase? What are the forms of training?
Han’s Yueming Laser Group provides professional training services, and the training forms are: mail, instant messaging guidance, remote guidance, and on-site training service for the most thorough information.

2. What are the contents of the training for customers?
1. The performance, structure, principle, and related processing technology of laser equipment purchased by the customer.
2. Safe operation information and precautions for laser equipment.
3. Installation and commissioning, operation, day-to-day maintenance and simple troubleshooting methods.
4. Replacement methods and daily maintenance methods of easily damaged parts (laser tube, focus mirror, mirror, etc.).
5. Proper use of the operation software, drive software, related drawing software and debugging processing parameters.

3. Where is the training site?
1. Customers can come to Han’s Yueming Laser Group to receive training.
2. Professional engineers can also provide overseas door-to-door training.

4. Is the training paid or free?
If you choose to visit our training facilities, training services are provided free of charge. We also provide free accommodations for customers at our canteen and dormitory.


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