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HyRobot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine C20

Applicable material:
Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, galvanized sheet, aluminized zinc plate, brass, red copper and other metal materials.

Technical parameters:

Model HyRobot C20
Robotic arm 2010mm
Laser power (W) 500W-2000W
Working area 2000x2000mm (fixed type)
Axis 1 ±160˚
Axis 2 +147.5˚/-130˚
Axis 3 ±145˚
Axis 4 ±270˚
Axis 5 +140˚/-115˚
Axis 6 ±360˚
Reposition accuracy ±0.05mm(VDI/DGQ3441)
Total power 11kw
Gross weight 3T
Overall dimension 7000x4000x3200mm


1. High-precision Staubli industrial robot features full aluminum alloy robotic arm with light weight and unique lifting device to ensure high operation precision.
2. Outstanding fiber laser produces a high-quality laser beam with stable power, low energy consumption, high security and simple installation. And optical fiber transmission allows for minimal energy loss.
3. The robot is lifted and installed on the gantry to extend the working area. The loading area is easily accessible to process the large sheet metal workpieces.
4. Servo laser cutting heads feature compact structure and light weight; Focus lenses have double protection and low operating costs.
5. Full enclosable outer protection device utilizes safety interlock to separate the working area and protect the operators from laser radiation.
6. Configured with intelligent operation terminals with a simple interface and clear identification. Built-in technical database is flexible and easy to use.
7. Fiber laser cutting system robot accommodates remote diagnosis and remote assistance functions to speed up the after-sales response.
8. Reliable automatic impact reset device is configured between the robot and cutting head to protect the key components.
9. By assembling a certain amount of cutting units, an automatic production line can be formed to satisfy the requirements of medium batch production.

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