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Semiconductor Laser Welding Machine

Applicable Materials
Stainless steel products, carbon steel products and other products for the hardware industry. The welding precision is up to 3mm.

Technical parameter

WS1000-A welding laser
Wavelength(nm) 915
Fiber spectroscopy (n) 1/2
Fiber diameter(um) 400, 600, etc.
Fiber length(m) 10, 15, etc.
Avg. power(W) 1000
Cooling Water cooling
Work environment Storage Temp: -20°C~60°C; working humidity:< 70% / Working temp: 10°C~35°C; working humidity: < 70%
Gross power (Kw) 1.5
Power supply Three phase 380VAC±10%; 50/60Hz
Total weight (Kg) 70
Dimensions (mm) 485*237*663
WTA-S-A welding worktable
Working area(mm) 4000*300 (standard or custom)
Min. focusing spot diameter (mm) 0.1
Galvanometer positioning accuracy (mm) < 0.02
Welding seam teaching method Coaxial CCD teaching
Lifting area (mm) 0~300 (standard or custom)
Vector graphics format supported PLT
Working environment Storage temp: -20°C~60°C; storage humidity:< 70% / Working temp:10°C~35°C; working humidity:< 70%
Gross power (Kw) 5
Power supply Three phase 380VAC±10%; 50/60Hz
Total weight (Kg) 200
Dimensions (mm) 1000*1200*1600(excl. fiber stand)


Product Feature
1. Integrated power, high welding efficiency, high processing precision, large depth-to-width ratio of welding seam.
2. Small heat input, small heat affected zone, low residual stress and low deformation of workpiece.
3. Non-contact welding, fiber transmission, good accessibility, high degree of automation.
4. Flexible joint design to save raw materials.
5. The welding power can be precisely controlled to guarantee a stable welding quality and good welding appearance.

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