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HyRobotW20 Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Applicable Materials
The HyRobotW20 fiber laser welding machine is designed for welding body materials, agricultural machinery parts, automobile fenders, and the metal backplates of large water vessels.

Technical parameter

Model HyRobotW20
Robot Staubli
Model RX160L
Load capacity 14kg
Repeatable accuracy ±0.05mm
Reach of arm 2010mm
Installation Ceiling/Floor
Weight 252Kg
Laser IPG2000~IPG6000
Laser operation mode CW/QCW
Central radiation length 1070~1080nm
Modulation speed 5KHz
Welding head Precitec
Fiber 100~400μm


Product Feature
1. Imported industrial robot features high positioning accuracy, large working area and six axis linkage.
2. The robot arm is controlled by a hand-held terminal, which allows for high-precision and high-efficiency operation even under severe circumstances.
3. Compact machine structure. Multiple workstations achieve alternate material loading to improve production efficiency.
4. Non-contact welding seam tracking system offers seam inspection and deviation correction in real time.
5. High-flexibility welding system can provide automatic control and remote welding.
6. Maintenance-free core components reduce usage cost.
7. Robot laser welding is applicable for different materials, sizes and shapes.
8. A safety protection device can be designed to protect the operators from laser radiation.

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