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HW-A Hand-Held Laser Welding Machine

  • HW-A hand-held laser welding machine adopts fiber laser generator with high optical power density and good facula quality and stable output power. Thus, it can realize high quality welding effect.
  • This welding machine adopts integrated design so that it is highly integrated. Thus, the floor area is small and the machine is portable and easy to be moved.
  • HW-A laser welding machine is equipped with hand-held welding head which adopts ergonomic design. The machine is light weighted and practical.
  • The self-developed embedded laser welding controller can realize different welding process and effect because of two laser output modes such as pulse and CW laser.
  • HW-A features small heat effect and small welding seam. The welding is solid so that it can realize highly precise welding. Part of the welding seam requires no other polishing.
  • The operation of the welding machine is easy to be learned. And it is equipped with safety protection unit. The operators require little traditional welding experience.
  • It features ultra-low operating cost. The electricity consumption of per hour is only 1-2 KW/h. And there is no other consumables.
Model HW-A
Laser power 500
Cutting range 100 X 100 140 X 140 175 X 175
Max moving speed 1
Overall dimension 900*610*1500
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.1
Supply voltage Ac220±10% 50HZ/60HZ
Working environment Temp: 5~35 ℃, Humidity: 5~85%, Clean, less dust
Weight 50 (auxiliary machine excluded)
Gross power < 1.2

Applicable material
HW-A hand-held laser welding machine can be mainly used for welding of metal sheets of the same material such as aluminum, iron, stainless steel or copper sheets. It can also realize mixing welding of different materials such as aluminum and copper or stainless steel and copper.

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