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DIY Desktop Laser Engraving Machine Series

Applicable Material
Non-metallic material including paper, 3mm plank, 1-3mm card paper, decoration, 3mm acrylic, etc.

Technical parameter

Model DL0503-B-A
Laser Power (W) 40
Working area (mm) 500 ×300
Overall dimension(mm) 850 × 550 × 250
Weight(Kg) 50
Motion system Linear rail + Belt
Supported format Bmp, jpg, plt, dxf, pdf, etc.
Power (W) 550
Power supply 110/220V,50/60Hz
Working environment Temp: 5 ~4 0 ℃ ,Humidity : 5 ~8 0 %,Clean, less dust
Loading method Manual


Product Feature
1. DL0503-B-A DIY desktop laser engraving machine uses rolling linear guide and custom-made beam structure. It is designed for fine cutting and engraving.
2. This machine is small and highly integrated. Its operation panel only provides “start/stop” button, very convenient to use.
3. It is designed with fixed optical path system which is very convenient to maintain, avoiding the adjustment of optical path.
4. This desktop laser engraving machine supports WIFI. It can control and transfer data by wireless network. It also supports various operation systems like Windows and Mac, and can be operated by mobile device with operation system like Android and IOS.
5. This machine can use visual acquisition system to recognize image to support cutting or engraving.

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