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PCB Laser Marking Machine, PCB0404-V-A

Applicable material:
Designed for PCB marking. Also suitable for plastics, rubber, PVC, PET, leather and etc.

Technical parameters:

Model PCB0404-V-A
PCB max. size(mm) 450 X 330
Laser power(W) CO 2 :10 UV:5 Fiber:20
Working area(mm) 70×70 standard
Marking size(mm) 1.5~20
Overall dimension (mm) 1000*1600*1800
Working precision (mm) ±0.15
Positioning precision(mm) ±0.03
Machine weight (Kg) 1000
Power supply AC220V/50HZ 20A
Power (KW) 4
Feeding Online/ offline
Working environment Temp: 10~35 ℃ Humidity< 85% No condensate water, no dust, no vibration


1. High-performance imported CO2 laser offers excellent marking quality, high working speed and high production output.
2. High-precision CCD achieves automatic marking, scanning and rating.
3. Large format working area and wide applications.
4. PCB Plate shaping system is capable of automatically shaping the deformation of PCB plates to ensure the consistent marking performance.
5. Seamless connection to SMT production line or MES for online data transmission in real time.
6. Superior components to ensure a reliable quality. Automatic alert and stop if any error is detected.

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