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HyTube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Applicable material:
Carbon steel tube, aluminum alloy tube, stainless steel tube, titanium tube and etc.

Technical parameters:

Working area (Length* tube diameter) 9532 6522 6532
Section circumscribed circle diameter ≤φ210mm Section circumscribed circle diameter≤φ310mm
Z axis stroke 200mm 150mm 200mm
X axis stroke 330mm
Y axis stroke 10050mm 7050mm 7050mm
A/B axis stroke Infinite rotary
X/Y axis position accuracy ±0.05mm/1000mm
X/Y axis reposition accuracy ±0.03mm
A/B axis position accuracy ±30"
A/B axis reposition accuracy ±10"
X/Y axis max. position speed 100m/min
A axis max. position speed 70rpm
Bundle loading length 2500-6500mm (automatic length measurement)
Cutting length 0-3000mm
Machine tool weight 10000kg 7500kg 7500kg
Clamping force of a single chuck jaw 175Kg 145Kg 145Kg
Machine dimensions (L*W*H) 12m*4.3m*2.8m
Phase/ Rating power/ Voltage frequency 3/380V/50Hz
Power supply IP rating IP54


1. Windows OS based PA numerical control system. Special tube cutting work platform integrates laser cutting function modules with a user-friendly interface.
2. Professional tube cutting software is the key technology to the numerical control tube-cutting machine, which greatly saves raw materials, ensures the high cutting efficiency and achieves “Full-time cutting, high-efficiency cutting”.
3. Capacitance fiber laser cutting head features sensitive reaction, high sensing precision AND high reliability and stability.
4. Special floating tube supporting device will constantly contact the tube surface when loading or rotating. The support force is set according to the specifications of tube to prevent it from falling, reducing axis swing and enhancing cutting precision.
5. Automatic bundle loading reduces labor and increases efficiency.
6. Tube section automatic identification system allows for mixed tube loading, tube type automatic prompt, automatic technical database retrieval and processing procedures automatic suggest.
7. Complete cutting technics database with user-friendly operational panel with one-button mode based on the tube type or freely modify the specific parameters on the panel.
8. High-precision servo proportional valve can precisely adjust the pressure of cutting auxiliary gas and the clamping force of chuck jaw to achieve optimal performance.
9. Tube linear position speed is up to 100m/min and rotary position speed up to 120m/min.

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