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HL-KN95A Fully Automatic Mask Production Line for Fold Masks III

Machine production process
Fabric unwinding, contour welding, earloop welding, mask folding, edge sealing and cutting.

HL-KN95A fully automatic mask production line for fold masks III is widely used for the production of 3-ply to 6-ply medical masks and 3d face masks which reduce exposure to small particles like N90, KN95 and FFP2 respirator. This auto mask production line achieves full automation from nonwoven fabric to finished KN95 respirator.

1. Remote control and regulation.
2. HMI for ease of operations.
3. Fully automatic production line just requires one operator.
4. Digital control for higher throughput and better planning of production schedule.
5. Servo motor drive system and EtherCAT bus control for higher production precision and stability.

Technical Parameters
Dimension L x W x H: 9000 mm X 1450 mm X 1850 mm (Including scrap collecting part)
Production speed Design speed: 35~50pcs/min
Earloop welding accuracy ±1mm
Edge sealing accuracy ±1mm
Mask size L130 mm
Material type Non-woven fabric, cotton, filtering material (Active carbon)
Fabric thickness 1〜3 mm
Power supply 3 phases 380V/220V/50HZ
Gas pressure 0.5〜0.8Mpa
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