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3W UV Laser Marking Machine, MUV3-B-A Laser Marker Equipment

Applicable Materials
The MUV3-B-A is applicable for marking materials such as plastics, leather, metals, glass, LCD, thin ceramic sheets, monocrystalline silicon, IC grain, sapphire and so on. It is often used in electron industries.

Model Laser 
Working area 
Minimum line width
Minimum character 
Overall dimension
Supply voltage Working environment Gross power
MUV3-B-A 3 50 × 50 ≤0.02 0.1 0~7000 750 × 1200 × 1950 300 AC220V±10%,
Temp:15~ 30°C , Humidity:5~85%. No condensate water, no dust or less dust. 1.5

Laser Processing Examples:

  • chip marking
  • circuit board marking
  • copper plate marking
  • LCD marking
  • phone shell marking
  • plastic marking
  • shoe material marking&carving
  • special materials marking

Product Feature
1. The imported violet laser features a high-quality light beam, small light spot focus, superfine marking and a high definition.
2. The small heat affected area prevents processing materials from being deformed, damaged or scorched, which ensures the quality of all finished products.
3. It is suitable for various materials and make up for deficiencies caused by poor marking effects from traditional infrared lasers.
4. Usage of a numerical high-speed scanning mirror brings advantages in the small size, high speed, excellent stability and low power dissipation.
5. An enclosed protection design can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation from harming operator health.
6. Dividing plate working method can be compatible with two-work-station or four-work-station to satisfy different requirements. Simultaneous laser marking and material loading or unloading greatly improves marking efficiency.

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