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High Power Airbag CO2 Laser Cutting Machine, CMA2425C-GF-A

Cutting System

Model CMA2425C-GF-A
Laser power (W) 2500 / 3000
Working area (mm) 2500×2400
Overall dimension (mm) 9600×3800×1750
Weight (kg) 9000
Position accuracy (mm) ±0.4/1000
Reposition accuracy (mm) ≤±0.03
Maximum speed (m/mim) 0~120
Maximum accelerated speed (G) 0.8
Power supply Three phase 380V/50Hz
Working environment Temp: 5~ 40°C Humidity: 5-85% No condensate water, no dust or less dust.

Laser Processing Examples:

  • Automobile airbag laser cutting
  • Automotive interior laser cutting
  • Camping tents laser cutting
  • Car seat laser cutting
  • Children's tent laser cutting
  • Lifeboat laser cutting
  • Rubber boat laser cutting
  • Sailing laser cutting

Product Feature
1. The German RofinDC series high power CO2 laser generator features a stable performance, high density light spot, low maintenance cost and long service life.
2. Using gantry and rack & pinion double servo drive, this equipment has a high transmission efficiency, excellent stability and requires less maintenance.
3. The material receiving unit and cutting unit are separated from each other, which allows the receiving and cutting processes to happen simultaneously, thus improving overall working efficiency.
4. Flying optics system ensures the consistent light spot performance within the entire cutting format.
5. Fixed optics system featuring simple design doesn’t need frequent maintenance which reduces the cost.
6. A ventilation structure sits in different positions on machine body, which effectively absorbs smoke and dust particles created during cutting, so as to ensure a cleaner work environment.
7. The machine transmission uses a CNC full-automatic lubrication system that is capable of 24 hour running.
8. This laser cutter complies with SGS International Certification Standards, with a fully enclosed design to guarantee operation safety.

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