Textile Fabric Laser Cutting Machine,CMA1825C-DF-B/CMA2130C-DF-A

Applicable materials
Clothing, leather, sofa fabric, air bag, carpet, curtain and other textile fabrics

Technical Parameter

Model CMA1825C-DF-B CMA2130C-DF-A
Working area (mm) 2500×1800 3000×2100
Laser tube CO2 glass laser tube: 130W/280W; Domestic RF tube: 250W/450W; Imported RF tube: 130W/250W/350W/550W
Motion system Double laser head asynchronous/single laser head
Maximum speed 60m/min
Power supply 380V/50Hz
Weight (kg) 3000 4500
Overall dimension (mm) 5590×2980 ×1180 6050×3050×1260
Working environment Temp: 0~ 40°C Humidity: 0-80% No condensate


1. Strengthened welded lathe bed and an imported finish milling processed gantry. The non-metal laser cutting machine is annealed and processed by vibration aging technology to relieve stress and control the deformation deviation within ±0.02mm.
2. Double guide rail asynchronous laser cutting system is capable of reasonably distributing two cutting heads to process diverse-sized and irregular-layout images in a same cutting area to improve working efficiency and save materials.
3. Rack double servo drive system enables a maximum processing speed of 60m/min.
4. The self-developed crossbeam is processed by finite element method and dynamic simulation analysis technology, whose material is aviation grade high-strength cast aluminum alloy, featuring light weight, good rigidity and excellent dynamic performance.
5. Fully automatic refuel lubrication system, maintenance-free, time-saving, ensuring the 24-hour continuous running.
6. Applicable for various soft fabrics.

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