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1550x1150mm Asynchronous Double Head CO2 Laser Cutter, CMA1612C-DF-FA Equipment

Applicable Materials
CMA1612C-DF-FA double head CO2 laser cutting system is applicable for materials like mesh, suede leather, synthetic leather, cloth, woolens, cotton and linen, non-woven fabrics and more.

Cutting System

Model CMA1612C-DF-FA CMA1606C-DF-FA
Laser power(W) 130
Working area (mm) 1550x1150 1550x550
Overall dimension (mm) 2780x2905x2065 2200x2115x1200
Weight (kg) 1200 800
Speed (m/min) 0~24
Power supply Machine: Single phase AC220±5% Fan: 380V, 50/60Hz
Working environment Temp: 5~ 40°C Humidity: 5-85% No condensate water, no dust or less dust.

Laser Processing Examples:

  • Canvas shoe laser cutting
  • Plush,cloth and shoes laser cutting
  • PU leather laser cutting
  • shoe material laser cutting
  • Shoe upper laser cutting
  • Vamp laser hollow-out

Product Feature
1. The double head asynchronous laser cutting system supports two laser heads in order to allow different, simultaneous cutting patterns. Moreover, the software can reasonably allocate the processing patterns to the double heads according to pattern data after auto-nesting, in order to improve working efficiency.
2. A large working area visual system supports automatic extraction of material outline.
3. Auto-nesting software can automatically achieve a high utilization rate typeset in a short time.
4. Front and rear synchronous following material-pressing system: Front automatic following material-pressing guarantees the feeding accuracy of the working platform. Rear automatic following material-pressing avoids the movement of materials during machine processing. This ensures processing accuracy, even during multi-layer feeding.
5. This laser cutter uses fully enclosed design for the laser path and is CE certified.

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