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1500×950mm Auto Feeding CO2 Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1610-FET Equipment

Applicable Materials
CMA1610-FET equipment is applicable for materials like cotton, fabric, leather, paper and other textile fabrics.

Cutting System

Model Laser power
Laser head Conveyer Working area
Overall dimension
Weight (Kg) Speed (m/min) Supply voltage Working environment
CMA1610-FET 60~130 Double
T shape conveyer table
1500×950 2260×2163×1112 650Kg 0~24 AC220V±10% Temp: 5~40°C, Humidity:5~80%. No condensate water, no dust or less dust.

Laser Processing Examples:

  • PU leather laser cutting
  • Shoe upper laser cutting
  • Down jacket laser cutting
  • Lace laser cutting
  • Leather gloves laser cutting
  • Leather sandals laser cutting
  • Leather shoe laser cutting

Product Feature
1. A double head electric mutual shift achieves automatic separated head processing.
2. Automatic material feeding system: the double laser head achieves automatic space adjustments in order to save manpower and adjustment time.
3. This laser cutter is equipped with a material cutting system, which can make the best use of expensive materials. Compared to traditional mechanical cutters, it can significantly save on material costs.
4. When it cuts odd row, one cutter head can automatically stop output laser beams in order to avoid damaging already cut fabric.

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