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1300×900mm Large Format Camera Positioning CO2 Laser Cutter, CMA1390-V-B Laser System

Applicable Materials
The CMA1390-V-B laser cutter is applicable for different kinds of textile fabric materials like cotton, fabric, leather, paper, etc.

Cutting System

Model Laser power (W) Laser head Working area
Overall dimension (mm) Weight (Kg) Repeated positioning accuracy (mm) Speed (m/min) Supply voltage Working environment
CMA1390-V-B 60~130 Single 1300×900 1900×1560×1950 410 ±0.1 0~30 220V/50Hz Temp: 5~40°C, Humidity: 5~80%. No condensate water, no dust or less dust.

Laser Processing Examples:

  • cloth garment laser cutting
  • Cloth shoe laser cutting
  • Collar laser cutting
  • Down Jackets decorative decal laser cutting
  • lace cutting
  • Laser cutting cloth - curtain
  • Pure cotton T-shirt laser cutting
  • textile laser hollow out

Product Feature
1. The system achieves a full format pattern recognition with just one shot, thus significantly improving the camera’s automatic positioning efficiency.
2. Wide vision: a large format cutting is easily handled with this system.
3. Automatic contour extraction function, no need to set up a template. Easy operation and efficient.
4. Processing parameters can be directly set in order to achieve perfect cutting.

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