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850×750mm Camera Positioning Double Head CO2 Laser Cutter, CMA1080-VT Laser Cutting

Applicable Materials
The CMA1080-VT laser cutting system is applicable for different kinds of textile fabric materials, such as cotton, fabric, leather, paper and others.

Cutting System

Model Laser power (W) Laser head Working area
Overall dimension (mm) Weight
positioning accuracy (mm)
Supply voltage Working environment
CMA1080-VT 60~130 Double 850×750 1600×1390×1250 380 ±0.1 0~24 AC220V±10%, 50/64HZ Temp: 5~40°C, Humidity: 5~80%. No condensate water, no dust or less dust.

Laser Processing Examples:

  • Automatic cloth cutting
  • Garment shoulder padding laser cutting
  • Laser cutting of bras
  • Laser cutting of cleanroom wiper
  • Paper pattern laser cutting
  • Plush toy fabrics laser cutting
  • Trademark camera cutting
  • Woven label camera cutting

Product Feature
1. Fully automatic camera positioning system: using a visual system, the pattern can be input into the computer. After processing, the equipment can automatically search workpieces and accurately position them for cutting. This saves time by reducing incorrect positioning and problems caused.
2. The software design is utilized to find the shortest cutting path, thus optimizing the cutting sequence and saving work time.
3. DSP technique data processing capabilities, as well as an accurate mechanical system, ensures a straight line cutting without deformation, and curve cutting with no distortion, even under high speed conditions in order to achieve a quick, continuous cutting process.
4. Perfect cutting recovery after power off functions, thus it is no need to restart cutting after the power is restored. This ensures an excellent joint to avoid wasting materials.
5. Automatic material feeding camera cutting equipment uses an E-type conveyor design and is made of casted aluminum die. It is light weight, features a stable structure, no deformations, no cracks, no deviations, and excellent flatness. A mesh belt can be replaced stripe by stripe and cleaning can be done at any point, which ensures convenient maintenance and repair. It has a long service life, excellent stability and low operation cost, which supports long term continuous operation.

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