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Standard Edition Fiber Laser Marking Machine, MF20-E-A Standard Edition Laser System

Applicable Materials
The MF20-E-A standard edition laser system is used for surface marking of a variety of materials, including plastics, stainless steel, aluminum oxide, cast iron, wooden products, copper and more.

Model Laser power (W) Working area
Lifting height 
Minimum line width 
Minimum character
Graphic format 
Overall dimension
Total power
MF20-E-A standard edition 20/ 30 / 50 70x70
110x110 175x175
100~500( optional 700) 0.03 0.2 BMP, PLT, AI, DXF, etc. AC220V±10%,50HZ/60HZ 750 X 600 X 1270 80 (Estimation) Temp:10~ 35°C , Humidity:5~85%. No condensate water, no dust or less dust. 1

Laser Processing Examples:

  • Bathroom metal tool laser marking
  • ceramic laser marking
  • Cutter laser marking
  • Doorbell button plastic shell laser marking
  • Energy saving lamp shell laser marking
  • Key buckle laser marking
  • USB shell laser marking

Product Feature
1. The fiber laser system uses a high-quality laser source that offers precise light spot and laser power with a uniform density and stable output. It features no light streak and a high contrast resistance, allowing it to satisfy mainstream market application needs.
2. Han’s Yueming’s OEM numerical high-speed scanning galvanometer features a small volume, high speed and excellent stability.
3. The control system is powerful and is capable of carrying out various data optimizes processes based on different techniques. Using a shortcut key, it supports multiple languages and up to 256 layers of color, satisfying market needs.
4. The die-casting mold manufactured lifting platform has a built-in linear guide with a stable structure and simple design.
5. 300*300mm marking table, uniform installing holes, suitable for difference workpiece positioning.

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