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3D Triaxial Dynamic Fiber Laser Marking Machine, MF50-D-A 3D Triaxial Dynamic type Laser System

Applicable Materials
MF50-D-A 3D triaxial dynamic type laser system is applicable for materials like plastics, wooden products, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, copper, nickel plating, zinc coating, aluminum oxide and more.

Model Laser 
Working area 
Overall dimension
Repeated positioning
Supply voltage Working environment Gross power
MF50-D-A 20/30/50 600×600 600×935×1600 120
≤±0.005 0~7000 AC220V±10%,
Temp: 10~35°C, Humidity:5~85%. No condensate water, no dust or less dust. 1.0
(auxiliary machine excluded)

Laser Processing Examples:

  • belt buckle pattern laser marking
  • cutter laser marking
  • glasses laser marking
  • kitchen and bathroom facilities laser marking
  • mental laser marking and engraving
  • mental surface laser marking
  • ring laser engraving
  • screw surface laser marking

Product Feature
1. Automatic focusing and 3D curved surface marking ensure the consistent marking performance and high focusing precision in the height of 0-150mm
2. It has large format marking functions. Maximum marking format is up to 600mm×600mm.
3. Adopts advanced triaxial digital dynamic focal techniques can realize fast marking, real-time control of variable focal length and uniform laser spot.
4. Equips with marble working platform has excellent anti vibration and stress resistance, good flatness and stability.
5. The software used has the ability to import graphics of mainstream 3D design software in order to carry out simple 3D graphic editing, as well as transfer 2D graphics into 3D graphics in an easy procedure.

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