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Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine, MF20-P-C Laser Marking System

Applicable Materials
The MF20-P-C laser marking system is applicable for accurate marking of materials such as plastics, metal, iron, zinc alloy, copper, nickel plating, zinc coating, integrated circuit, sapphire and more.

Model Laser 
Working area 
Overall dimension
Repeated positioning
Supply voltage Working environment Gross power
MF20-P-C 20/30/50 110×110
560×540×540 60
≤±0.005 0~7000 AC220V±10%,
Temp:10~ 35°C , Humidity:5~85%. No condensate water, no dust or less dust. <0.6

Laser Processing Examples:

  • jewelry laser marking and engraving
  • metal buckle laser marking and evgraving
  • metal can laser maring and evgraving
  • ring laser marking and evgraving
  • signboard laser marking
  • stainless laser marking
  • stainless steel USB laser marking

Product Feature
1. The highly integrated design can effectively reduce the complete machine volume and guarantee a 175mm×175mm processing format, making it compatible with most rotary devices.
2. It is equipped with an electric lifting and double infrared light fixed focal system, which achieves quick focus and accurate positioning of equipment during processing. Operation is simple and easy, effectively improving both accuracy and processing speed.
3. A fully enclosed protection design can effectively prevent laser radiation and dust contamination during processing. It is equipped with an observation window and open-door protection switch with the entire design meeting CE safety standards.
4. A standard laptop can be used by directly connecting to a USB interface in an easy, simple process.
5. This laser equipment uses a high-quality fiber laser system and scanning galvanometer, which features a stable power, small focal light spot, fast marking, good effects and high working efficiency, thus satisfying client mass production needs.
6. The marking software is versatile, compatible with multiple software types, including AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop and so on. It also supports multiple formats and fonts, including PLT, AI, DXF, BMP, JPG and SHX or TTF, as well as a built in single line font. The software also supports variable number skipping, bar codes and QR code marking.

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