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Non-metal Plate Laser Cutting Machine, MA1325C-G-I

Applicable materials
Wood board, plywood, medium-density fiberboard, acrylic plate and other large-format non-metal plates.

Technical Parameter

Model CMA1325C-G-I
Laser power (W) 130~350
Working area (mm) 1300×2500
Overall dimension (mm) 4170x2350x1260
Weight (kg) 2300
Position accuracy (mm) ±0.05/1000
Reposition accuracy (mm) ±0.03/1000
Maximum speed (m/min) 70
Power supply 220V(Auxiliary machine: 380V)/50Hz - 220V/50Hz/60Hz
Working environment Temp: 5~ 40°C Humidity: 5-80% No condensate water, no dust or less dust.


Product Feature
1. The non-metal laser cutting system is equipped with a reinforced welded lathe bed and a finish milling processed large gantry. The laser cutting system is annealed and processed by vibration aging technology to relieve stress and control the deformation deviation within ±0.02mm.
2. High-strength aluminum alloy gantry features lighter weight, smaller resonance and smoother operation compared to traditional steel beams.
3. Perfect for cutting density board, acrylic plate and other non-metal plates.

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